Is the 2023 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid Worth Your Money?

When the fuel ban deadline was set, Ford pledged to make their full fleet either hybrid or fully electric. Even at the expense of the beloved Ford Fiesta, they’ve stuck to that promise. Now, it’s time to try the new Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid SUV to see if it offers the same great quality.

I’m testing the Kuga PHEV Black Package Edition with a few added extras, including White Platinum paint. Starting from £39,855 on the road, is it worth your money? Let’s see what you get for that.

Ford Kuga First Impressions

Best Features

  • 20-inch black alloys
  • Black body styling
  • LED daytime running lights
  • SYNC 3
  • Rear parking camera

The sparkling white paint with contrast black styling is very striking. I was instantly drawn to the bodacious curves and sharp nose of this SUV. Previously, I tested the 2017 Ford Kuga ST line, which had similar styling queues with the sporty alloys and red shoes. Although this new one is more sleek, it still looks trendy and robust.

Quick Info

Engine 2.5-Litre, Petrol
Transmission CVT
Horsepower225 PS
Torque200 Nm
Battery14.4 kWh
Fuel Economy (CMB)49.6 MPG
0-62 MPH9.2 Seconds
Top Speed125 MPH

Driving And Performance

Driving the 2023 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid is a genuinely pleasant experience. The remarkable quietness of the cabin stands out, especially noticeable when the vehicle is using electric mode.

The responsive automatic transmission complements this with exceptionally smooth gear changes. The steering feels sturdy, but not too heavy, and the sport suspension does well to control the SUV through bends. Additionally, the Kuga offers a variety of drive and terrain modes, from sport mode to snow.

Ford Kuga Hybrid Fuel Economy

Ford Kuga hybrid fuel economy

Since this is a hybrid, amazing fuel economy is expected. Ford claims a commendable combined fuel economy of 49.6 MPG, a figure that makes the Kuga one of the best hybrid SUVs available.

Although I didn’t quite reach that number during my testing, it averaged 44.5 MPG, which is still impressive.

EPA Rated Economy:49.6 MPG
Fuel Economy As Tested:45.5 MPG

Interior Design And Comfort

Moving inside, the cabin is well laid-out and filled with durable yet luxurious textiles. The sports seats wear black cloth finished with partial soft leather-feel materials and contrast red stitching. Despite being sport seats, Ford have considered a wide range of body types so broad-bodied people aren’t squeezed.

It’s spacious throughout, with ample legroom and headspace in the rear for adults. Surprisingly, this is not always a given in the SUV segment, making it a noteworthy benefit. Front and rear seats are heated, too.

Interior Dimensions

Headroom985 mm981 mm
Shoulder Room1,464 mm1,423 mm
Hip Room1,410 mm1,355 mm
Legroom1,077 mm989 mm

Technology And Ease Of Use

Ford Kuga SYNC 3 infotainment touchscreen

The 2023 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid is not just about comfort and space; it’s also laden with tech. Taking centre stage is an intuitive 8-inch touchscreen equipped with Ford’s SYNC 3 system with smartphone integration for both Apple and Android users. After linking up to your favourite playlist, music lovers will appreciate the crystal-clear audio from the premium Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Adding to the convenience is the keyless entry and start system for a hassle-free experience. Other driving assistance features include a heads-up display, cruise control and lane-keeping aid with departure warning.

Further to this, a driver assistance pack brings adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring and advanced self-parking at the push of a button.

Ford Kuga Cargo And Storage Space

Ford kuga boot space

The spaciousness also adds to the practicality of the Kuga, making it a popular family car for those who value roominess. The rear seats can slide forward for more storage, or fold flat for the maximum 1,530 litres.

Should You Buy a Ford Kuga Hybrid?

On the whole, the Ford Kuga PHEV is a practical SUV with plenty of space, tech, and comfort from a reliable company. Ford have updated it many times to make sure it’s always the best it can be, which is respectable. Even as I write this review, a new Kuga has been revealed!

This commitment to quality puts Ford ahead of the rest, bringing me to my decision. The Kuga is brilliant. That said, having to plug it in risks owners not doing so. Instead, I’d suggest the full hybrid, which is almost the same price and just as good on fuel, if not better. Alternatively, you could check out the cheaper MG HS hybrid.

Exterior Dimensions

Length4,614 mm
Width2,178 mm
Height1,680 mm
Kerb Weight1,844 kg


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