The cheap Faraday pouch that will prevent car theft tonight

Criminals steal over 130,000 cars in the UK every year. That’s over 350 cars stolen per day, and this number is growing. This spike is due to the rise of keyless entry cars; and how quick, silent and easy it is to hack that system. Thankfully, there is a cheap and easy way to protect your car, using an RFID Faraday pouch.

This scary video shows how a thief can steal your car in under a minute without any noise. Your car will be long gone by the time you realise it’s missing.

How did they do that, and how do you protect your car? Well, It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think.

What is keyless car theft and how does it work?

Keyless technology is widely available on most new cars – especially premium ones like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. In fact, criminals lean toward high-end vehicles because they are easy to steal.

Your key fob sends a signal to a receiver inside the car. That’s how your car knows the key is nearby for entry and is inside to start the engine.

Put simply, criminals relay this signal via a device, even a smartphone, to trick your car into thinking the key is near. It’s similar to a Wi-Fi booster in your home. 

keyless car ignition

How can I stop my keyless car from being stolen?

If you’re worried about your keyless vehicle being stolen, you can take steps to prevent this:

The most obvious is buying a car without any keyless function. Good old key in the ignition. Although, we shouldn’t have to lose nice things because of a few bad people. So, buy your keyless car and, where possible, keep it in a locked garage or behind a locked barrier. 

However, not everyone has a garage (I don’t), so you could fit a tracking device into your car, but this is expensive and only helps you locate your vehicle AFTER it’s gone. We need to stop it from being stolen in the first place.

key fob inside car

To do this, you’ll need to block the key fob signal. This way, thieves can’t boost it to access your car in the first place, so they’ll move along.

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To protect your car, buy a Faraday pouch for car keys. This is a cheap but effective way to block the signal entirely.

What is a Faraday Pouch?

A Faraday pouch is a pouch for your car keys. It’s made from layers of metallic materials, known as RFID, that block the signal from your key fob.

Criminals will not be able to ‘piggyback’. It completely eliminates the risk of your car being stolen. 

The only downside is if you lose your pouch with the key fob inside. In fact, it’s so good that even signals from Bluetooth locators will be blocked.

If you misplace your keys often, or have more than one set of keys, you might be better with a Faraday box. It does the same job, only it’s bigger, can hold more keys and can be kept in a safe place, so you always know where to find it. 

Features and Benefits:

What is the best Faraday Pouch?

The best faraday pouch is any that works. You’ll want a durable one – constantly inserting and removing keys can scrape the material and cause the signal to leak through. 

I use one from KeyPouch+. Theirs are made from high-quality materials, can be customised and are very effective. 

I placed my key fob inside the pouch and tried to start my engine while sitting inside the car with the key. It displayed ‘key not detected’ on my dashboard. I then got out, locked the car and tried to use my keyless entry, which also failed. 

FAQ's about Faraday pouches for keyless cars

When would you use a Faraday Pouch?

You would use a Faraday pouch when you want to block a wireless signal. A Faraday pouch blocks signals between an electronic device and receivers, such as RFID readers. This is why they make excellent security for keyless cars.

Do I need a pouch if I don't have a keyless entry car?

If you have no keyless function in your car, then no. But I strongly advise you buy a Faraday pouch if you have a push-button start.

Although it is more difficult for thieves to enter the car, it can still be remotely started once they are in.

Does aluminium foil block key fob signals?

It can, but it’s not guaranteed. If your key fob is not fully covered, the signal can leak. Also, foil tears easily. A cheap faraday pouch is more secure and will last longer.


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