One cheap hack to protect your keyless car from being stolen for under £9.99

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Do you own a keyless entry/start car? Keyless car theft is on the rise and is easier than ever. Your car can be stolen in under 120 seconds by clever criminals. Today, I want to share a cheap faraday pouch that will stop your vehicle from being stolen.

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Over 101,000 cars were stolen in 2021. That’s more than twice the number from 2020. A majority of thefts are related to keyless theft.

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How do car thieves steal keyless cars?

Keyless technology is widely available on most new vehicles – especially premium cars like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Criminals who look to steal a car lean to high-end vehicles because of how easy it is to gain access.

Key fobs emit a signal to a receiver inside the car. That’s how your keyless car detects the car key is nearby for entry and that the key is inside for ignition.

Car thieves effectively relay this signal via a device, even a smartphone, to trick your car into thinking the key is near. It’s also known as relay theft and is similar to a wi-fi booster in your home. 

The below video of a keyless car being stolen shows how quick and easy your vehicle can be stolen from your driveway as you sleep.

How can I stop my car from being stolen?

If you own a keyless vehicle and worry it will get stolen, you can take steps to prevent this. You could fit a tracking device into your car, but this is expensive and only helps you locate your vehicle AFTER it’s gone.

Rather than a tracking device, buy a Faraday pouch for car keys. This is a cheap alternative that will block the key fob signal entirely.

What is a Faraday Pouch?

A Faraday pouch is a pouch for your car keys. It is made from layers of metallic materials that block the signal from your keyless fob. Criminals will not be able to ‘piggyback’. It completely eliminates the risk of your car being stolen.

The only downside is if you lose your pouch with the key fob inside. Even Bluetooth signal locators will be blocked.

What is the best Pouch?

The best faraday pouch is one that works. My personal favourite is from My.Loque. Theirs are made from high-quality materials, can be customised and are very effective.

Faraday pouch for car keys by My.Loque

Features and Benefits:

Do Faraday Pouches Work?

I placed my key fob inside the signal blocking pouch and tried to start my car while sitting inside with the key. It displayed ‘car key not detected’ on my dashboard. I then got out, locked the car and tried to use my keyless entry, which also failed.

Since using this faraday pouch, I’ve had complete peace of mind. I sleep easier at night. I used to get up and look outside whenever I heard a noise but not anymore. 

Don’t be a victim of keyless car theft.

Buy a signal blocking Faraday pouch from My.Loque for just £9.99 today. Use code DylansCarReviews for an extra 15% off. 

Common questions about Faraday pouches

A Faraday pouch blocks signals between an electronic device and receivers, such as a key fob signal. This is why they are security against keyless car theft.

Manufacturers say no, but I strongly advise you to buy a Faraday pouch, even if you don't have a keyless entry vehicle. Although it is more difficult for thieves to enter the car, it can still be remotely started once they are in, as seen in this video.

It can, but it's not guaranteed. If your key fob is not fully covered, the signal can leak. Also, foil tears easily. A cheap faraday pouch is more secure and will last longer.

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