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Fiat 500 Electric

Fiat 500 electric

The Fiat 500 electric is the small electric car that goes one step further. Because reducing emissions isn’t enough. Where most manufacturers would stop at just making an electric car, Fiat took full responsibility when sourcing materials to make some parts for this car.

Let’s take a deeper look at why this was voted the best small electric car for the city by WhatCar in 2021.

Fiat 500 Electric Range

The first thing everyone wants to know about any electric car is the range. Well, there are a couple of options for batteries in the Fiat electric 500. The smaller 24kWh battery with a 94bhp electric motor gives you around 118 miles of range and top speed of 84mph. However, I’d recommend the larger 42kWh battery, giving you up to 199 miles of range, a 118bhp motor and top speed of 93mph.

The larger battery makes longer journeys possible and motorway speeds quickly achievable. The range during my 3 days seemed stable and I didn’t need to charge it once!

The Fiat also has various drive modes to help with range anxiety; Normal, Range and Sherpa. I’m not Italian, but my research reveals that ‘sherpa’ is another word for ‘reverso’ or reverse. When you lift your foot off the accelerator, the electric motors spin backwards to brake and regenerate energy which goes back into the battery to help your range last longer.

Very clever stuff in a small car, but I noticed that Sherpa mode limits the top speed to 50mph for maximum efficiency. It also turns off climate controls. Range mode does a similar job without the limitations.

Fiat 500 electric
The Fiat 500 electric is the first and, so far, the only electric car to be awarded 5 stars in all 3 categories of the Green NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme).

Future Nostalgia

The first thing that popped into my head as I absorbed the styling is the same as a popular studio album by singer Dua Lipa. I didn’t want to copy her words, but “Future Nostalgia” was just a perfect summary.

The new styling is old styling. A few of the design quirks on the Fiat Electric 500 are drawn from the original 1957 Fiat 500 design – The two-spoke steering wheel and the indicators that stick out from the body.

These are modernised with soft-touch material and smooth lines to flow nicely with the futuristic infinity headlights. There are also nifty interior buttons to open the doors, replacing old-fashioned handles. But there’s more; Fiat took full responsibility. They recovered plastic waste from land and sea and recycled it to make the material for the seats in this model. The sea turtles are happy again! Fiat can and SHOULD boast about the electric 500.

push-button gear shifter

The Fiat 500 automatic push-button shifter is very cool. I love it!  We don’t get many cars in the U.K that have a push-button shifter, so it feels unique and premium. The interior looks much more tidy and spacious too.

As a small electric city car, the Fiat 500e is very agile. The steering is light whilst the tyres grip even in tight corners. There are no gears, so the acceleration is silky smooth, but the ride can be a bit bumpy. Though, you’ll find that with almost all small cars. I have to admit it was noisy on the motorway. The wind and road noise filled the cabin and was annoying after a few miles.

Fiat 500 Electric Price: Is it worth it?

The Fiat 500 electric price starts from £23,835 on the road (OTR) with the Action spec. Then there’s the Icon spec from £28,835 OTR and the La Prima (model tested) from £30,835. These might seem pretty expensive for a Fiat 500 but, if you compare it to similar small electric cars like the Honda E or Peugeot 208e, Fiat is actually the least expensive. 

These are prices before any government grants are applied. You could pick up an electric Fiat for a reasonable price. Fiat models remain some of the lowest priced EV’s currently on the market. 

I was surprised by how quirky and clever the Fiat 500e was. The design is fun, the range is accurate, plus Fiat is helping clean the ocean from plastic. What’s not to love? 

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