2024 Suzuki Swace Hybrid: The Forgotten One

With so many cars around today, it’s no wonder every manufacturer strives to be better than the rest. Battling it out to have the coolest design or most advanced tech, they forget the basics. Meanwhile, the Suzuki Swace is simply brilliant.

Unlike other cars, all it wants to do is save you money on fuel, make your drives effortless, and be reliable—all without making a big fuss about it. Unfortunately, it makes so little fuss that everyone forgets it exists.

To bring it out of hiding, I drove the Swace Ultra every day for a week, and now I’m revealing the good and the bad parts. Let’s start with what’s new for 2024.

My First Thoughts About The 2024 Suzuki Swace

2024 Highlights

  • Two trim levels: Motion and Ultra
  • New styling
  • More performance
  • Upgraded tech

You’re probably having the same initial thoughts as me: “Isn’t that a Toyota Corolla?” Well, yes. The two brands have teamed up to make the Swace. In fact, it’s the same car with some Suzuki badges slapped on it. So, why should you consider one over the other?

Despite the similarities, the Swace is better value for money. As standard, the motion grade has rear privacy glass, a black front grille, keyless entry and start, a rear parking camera, plus LED lights. Building on this, the Ultra trim I tested gets bi-LED projector headlights, front and rear parking sensors, and advanced driver assistance features.

Suzuki Swace LED lights

Driving Impressions and Performance

Since it’s an estate car, the Swace is more about practicality rather than performance. Still, the Swace is nice to drive. The CVT transmission works well to keep the engine at its peak, while the power from the electric motor will give you an extra push when the boot full of kit. Though it’s quiet most of the time, with wind and road noise blocked out well, harsh acceleration makes the engine whine.

The electric motor brings EV driving at low speeds to conserve fuel. Switching between engine and motor can be done at the touch of a button, but the Swace is clever enough to manage itself. This transition is smooth, but, again, the noise from the petrol engine gives it away. I’m not saying that it sounds like a tractor; it’s just noticeable after pure silence.

Performance Specifications

Engine 1.8-Litre Hybrid
Transmission CVT
Power102 PS @ 5,200 RPM
Torque185 Nm @ 3,600 RPM
Electric Motor70 kW
Fuel Economy (CMB)62.7 MPG
0-62 MPH9.4 Seconds
Top Speed112 MPH

Suzuki Swace Fuel Economy

Since the Swace is a full hybrid, it’s very efficient. Suzuki claims it will achieve up to 62.7 MPG, which I believe. During my time with it, I averaged 51.7 MPG between motorway cruising and spirited jaunts along country roads. Regardless, I was still really impressed by it. A fellow journalist testing the same car beat the claimed figures, seeing 64 MPG!

WLTP Fuel Consumption:62.7 MPG
Fuel Economy As Tested:51.7 MPG

Interior Quality

On the inside, the Swace blends functionality with comfort. All materials throughout the spacious cabin look durable, with soft-touch surfaces in key areas adding an unexpected layer of refinement in this price bracket.

Seating is another area where the Swace shines. They’re comfortable, highly adjustable, and heated and standard. The steering wheel is adjustable too, making it easy to find a good driving position. There’s also plenty of space in the rear for adults and kids alike, plus three child seat latches.

Technology And Ease Of Use

Suzuki Swace infotainment touchscreen

Even more surprising, the Suzuki Swace packs loads of modern features as standard. A crisp and user-friendly eight-inch touchscreen display sits proudly on the dashboard. It can be a bit slow, but even an impatient person could use it.

If it does annoy you, Android Auto or wireless Apple CarPlay can mirror your mobile on the car’s display for a better experience. Additionally, a wireless phone charging station keeps your phone charging while connected.

Cargo And Storage Space

Finally, let’s look at the main purpose of the Suzuki Swace — storage space. Needless to say, there’s plenty of room in the boot. There’s up to 1,232 litres when the rear seats are folded, but it doesn’t end there. Further to this, a huge hole for a spare wheel can double as additional storage space. I shoved the detachable cover in, then forgot about it.

Going above and beyond, Suzuki also decided to make the carpeted floor reversible. Flip it over, and you’ll find a tough, resin covered floor ideal for tools, dogs, wet clothes or muddy boots.

Minimum Luggage Capacity596 Litres
Maximum Luggage Capacity1,232 Litres
Suzuki Swace LED lights

Should You Buy a Suzuki Swace?

To summarize, the Suzuki Swace is a frugal estate that drives well and is packed with tech as standard. Although it’s a re-badged Toyota, it costs less while giving more.

There’s also less chance of meeting another on the road, since these hide in the Corolla’s shadow. That said, Toyota offers a better warranty than Suzuki.

Suzuki Swace Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

Length4,655 mm
Width1,790 mm
Height1,460 mm
Wheelbase2,700 mm
Ground Clearance135 mm
Kerb Weight1,420 kg

Boot Dimensions

Height1,860 mm
Length (seats folded)1,430 mm

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