Audi A6 Saloon

Romance may not be Germany’s strong point but they sure know how to make you fall in love with a car! The Audi A6 is beautiful.

Since I started driving I’ve only ever dreamed of driving an Audi. My uncle always gets the newest model of his choice through his company, but the last few have progressed through the A6 saloon S-line series. I envied him for it. Never would I imagine that at just twenty-two years of age I would be the owner of an Audi A6 Saloon! Although it might only be an SE model, it’s everything I dreamed of – and more.


Come rain or shine, I have a smile on my face as I approach the beautifully crafted body, with its sharp edges and refined trim (despite offering less appeal as the S-line model). The front grill screams aggressively at any car you drive towards with the well-known 4 rings plastered proudly in the centre of the grill. The defined lights flow with the body and are flush to the bonnet. They remind me of the eyes of a leopard about to pounce on its prey.

Audi A6 saloon SE

There’s also ‘junk in the trunk’ as the lights narrow towards the centre of the rear, emphasising the raised edge known as a lip spoiler. And sadly that takes us to the end of the beautiful body design, however, it goes out with a bang thanks to the very sporty looking twin exhaust.

Audi A6 saloon SE rear

That twin exhaust looks excellent on my 2L turbo diesel but not so good on my bank account summaries! Audi claims a combined fuel consumption of 57.6 mpg, however I visit the fuel station twice a week and I don’t do a lot of driving daily. The CO2 emissions of 129g/km make road tax rather pricey too. But for the acceleration of 0-60mph in just 8.7 seconds it’s worth it.

Audi A6 saloon SE interior

Technology and Infotainment

Equally as striking as these figures is the technology within the car. Audi’s motto (translated) is “advancement through technology”. Technology is their strong point. As stated above, I have the SE trim which is the entry-level trim of A6. However, being an executive car, this trim is packed with full leather upholstery, sat nav, Bluetooth, dual climate control, cruise control, automatic lights, rain sensing wipers and parking sensors all round the car; making it virtually impossible to hit anything when parking the large saloon. My model also has front heated seats as an optional extra purely because the UK spends about 360/365 days of the year in winter and nobody likes a cold butt!


Whilst we’re talking about comfort, I might as well state the obvious. The drive of this car is phenomenal. It’s compliant. You always feel in control.

Audi A6 saloon SE interior

All round, I absolutely love my car! There’s several cars I dreamed of driving but after getting behind the wheel the excitement drained from me quicker than the cars went from 0-60. Audi is NOT one of those brands. They look stunning, they drive even better and you get loads of tech without the price of full spec! I used to ask my uncle “Why do you always stick with an A6 rather than upgrade to an A7 or a Q-model?” and now I understand why. Next time you see “Audi A6 for sale” make sure you check it out!

The Audi A6 gives you everything you want and more than you need.

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