Genesis GV60 Review: The first luxury electric cSUV with 482bhp and Drift Mode!

Genesis cars are new to the UK. Given the unique looks of the GV60, you might be surprised to find out which manufacturer makes these cars.

Genesis GV60 San Paulo Lime

Who Makes Genesis Cars?

Genesis Cars is a luxury car manufacturer. The South Korean company has its roots in Hyundai Motor Group. That means Genesis vehicles share some of the same parts and technology used in other Hyundai and Kia models. However, Genesis prides itself on having a unique design for each car they produce.

They are new to the UK but have quickly made a name for themselves by producing stylish, high-quality vehicles. The hype is worthwhile: Genesis deserves applause for creating luxury vehicles that can compete with – if not beat – more established premium brands.

Let me assure you they are fantastic. If nothing else, the customer experience is one every manufacturer should adopt.

A Very Brief History of Genesis

The brand emerged with a concept of a luxury vehicle for Hyundai way back in 2003, though we never saw the car until 2007. Some years later, in 2013, the next generation of Genesis was released.

This release is when the brand got the attention it deserved. It prompted some of the top designers in the world from well-known car brands like Lamborghini and BMW to join forces and design the ultimate luxury vehicles.

Fast-forward to today, and you can enjoy a wide range of cars. Genesis cars UK offer saloons, estates and SUVs.

I tested the brand’s first fully electric vehicle – the Genesis GV60.

GV60 rear

What Is The Genesis GV60?

The Genesis GV60 is a luxurious compact electric SUV and the first fully electric car from the brand. It shares a platform with the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 but is set apart by superior design.

You can see the luxury oozing from the exterior. When I first laid eyes on the GV60, I immediately noticed the athletic body with the signature clamshell bonnet, digital mirrors, pop-out handles and sporty alloys. Oh, and the luminous São Paulo Lime paint, a signature colour for the high-performance Sport Plus model. Don’t worry if this colour isn’t for you as you have a choice of 11 colours.

All models come with front and rear parking sensors plus a reversing camera. 

Genesis GV60 review

How Does It Drive?

The GV60 is surprisingly good. Considering it weighs around two tonnes, the body carries itself through corners without drama. An adaptive suspension system detects the road surface ahead to adapt and level out the ride.

The tyres roll silently along the road, and wind noise is minimal. The cabin also has active noise control to help maintain a peaceful environment. It is much quieter than the Kia EV6.

Genesis GV60 Trim Levels

The GV60 is naturally rear-wheel-drive, and all trims encase a 77.4kWh battery. Here’s more details of each:


The line-up begins with the Premium trim, which has a single motor on the rear axle. It gets the best range of 321 miles on a single charge (close to the long-range Tesla Model Y) and produces 226bhp. Genesis claims the Premium can achieve 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds.


Next up is the Sport trim. This version has two electric motors – one on the rear axle and another on the front axle. The Sport gains all-wheel-drive and more power, jumping to 314bhp but sacrifices some range. The range of the Sport is 292 miles.

GV60 Sport Plus

The peak performance model is the GV60 Sport Plus (as tested). Again, it has a motor on each axle but with increased power. Each electric motor delivers 241bhp, so have a combined total of 482bhp.

However, Genesis added a Boost button to their steering wheel, similar to the boost function on the Cupra Born E Boost I reviewed previously. The boost mode will release the maximum output for 10 seconds, unleashing the 482bhp and propelling the car from 0-62mph in 4 seconds! The acceleration pinned me to the seat. 

Drift mode is also available on this performance-based, fully electric compact SUV. I couldn’t test it since I was driving on public roads.

GV60 Boost mode

Often with electric cars, range and power do not go hand-in-hand. Even with the GV60 performance AWD, you will still get 289 miles from a full charge. It might not last long if you race everywhere, though. 

In terms of charging, the GV60 can accept 350kW for ultra-fast charging. If you find one of these charges, you can charge from 10-80% in as little as 18 minutes. 

Elegant Interior

Everything about the GV60 is high-quality. From the soft-touch materials to the futuristic design, it’s like something from a sci-fi movie. The space inside is plentiful even with the coupe shape rear. Even your tallest friend will comfortably travel in the rear seat with ample head and leg room.

The interior statement piece has to be the floating centre console with a crystal sphere gear selector. The illusion of a floating console creates a sense of space and minimalism. The cool gear selector is a crystal-effect sphere when the car is off and gracefully rotates round gears when the ignition is on. It almost feels like you are piloting a spaceship.

All trims come with a 12.3-inch touch screen. It is big, bright and aimed at the driver, so it’s comfortable to use. The responsive system comes with SatNav, BlueTooth and Android Auto/Apple Car Play.

Display screens inside the doors replace traditional mirrors. The first few times I tried to check my mirrors, I naturally looked out the window to find a slim camera. I then remembered I had to look down at the door to see my ‘mirror’. It does draw your eyes away from the road more, which I didn’t like. But you quickly adapt to them, and the display is big and clear compared to an external mirror.

Is Genesis just a Hyundai? 'The Genesis Difference'

Definitely not. Genesis cars are streets ahead of Hyundai. Yes, they are built by the same company and share similar parts, but here’s the Genesis difference:

Your Own Personal Assistant

Genesis pride themselves on customer care. From purchase throughout ownership, you will have a personal assistant to help you. They even do at-home test drives for you.

5 Year Care Plan

Five-year care plan; includes a warranty, scheduled servicing, and over-the-air updates.
Genesis understand life can get in the way, so they offer to collect and drop your car off again for servicing. They also provide a courtesy car.

Transparent Pricing

Perhaps my favourite perk of the Genesis Difference is transparent pricing. It means the price you see is the price you, your friend and your neighbour pay. It means no more sinking feeling, finding out someone paid thousands less than you for the same product.

Genesis GV60 Price

Genesis GV60 Price UK

So, just how much is a Genesis GV60 in the UK? Genesis cars are available through one dealership in the UK: Genesis London. Considering the GV60 presents more range than a long-range Tesla Model Y and better performance than a Porsche Taycan, the price is competitive from £47,005 OTR. The less luxurious Kia EV6 starts from £44,195 OTR and Hyundai Ioniq 5 from £41,011.

The GV60 Sport Plus I tested was closer to £70k. While the boost button and drift mode are cool, you’ll rarely use them. My personal choice would be the Sport – it benefits from all-wheel-drive, 314bhp and 292 miles at a more modest price of £53,605 OTR.

Visit the Genesis Cars UK website or London Studio today for more details. 

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