New Mercedes EQC Review: A practical and fun electric SUV?

The future is here, and it looks remarkable. Mercedes’ new EQC 400 is the first of its kind — an SUV that combines power, performance, and efficiency. It isn’t just a step on the path toward electric vehicles — it’s the perfect mix of fun and practicality.

Could this be the best electric family car in 2022?

What is Mercedes EQ?

Created to revolutionize how electric cars are perceived, the Mercedes EQ range combines innovative technology, performance and efficiency with luxurious styling. It’s a truly individual driving experience. The new MBUX system is powered by AI, meaning the car gets to know you over time.

Some benefits of buying a Mercedes EQ are:

  • 8 year, 100k mileage battery warranty
  • 3 year, unlimited mileage vehicle warranty
  • 3 years of free Roadside Assistance
  • 7 days of free insurance
  • 3 years free Mercedes Me

Mercedes EQC 400 Range and Drive

The EQC is an electric car that offers a range of around 250 miles between charges. Not bad compared to some electric cars on sale today. In addition, it can be charged up to 80% in just 40 minutes by plugging into a fast charger. 

The 85KWh battery delivers enough power to make you feel like you’re driving a supercar. The battery produces the equivalent of 408hp with full torque available from a standing start. Some people won’t believe that an electric car can be fast, but the truth is that it is one of the fastest cars currently available on the market. The Mercedes EQC 400 has an acceleration time from 0 to 62 mph of just 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 112 mph. Extremely impressive considering it weighs almost 3 tonne!

The EQC Design

The Mercedes EQC has sporty curves with aggressive angles and distinctive blue accents on its grille, wheels and rear diffuser. The exterior design is exceptionally sleek in Obsidian Black with the AMG Line body styling. The roofline slopes down at the rear to give it an elegant silhouette. However, this does not affect rear passengers because there is plenty of headroom in the back. But, due to its overall length and width, it may be awkward to park in some spaces. It’s not hard to see why people love this car’s design so much — it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Moving into the interior of the car is magnificent. You’re invited in by ambient lighting, rose gold trim and carbon fibre effect panels crafted from high-quality leather, wood and metal. A large touch screen sits proudly on the dashboard, with two screens in the instrument panel. The battery is mounted under the floor to maintain a low centre of gravity, allowing a higher seating position and a good view from behind the wheel.

Perhaps my favourite characteristics are the horizontal lines that dominate to emphasize breadth and spaciousness. The new MBUX system also has a clever feature that can create an atmosphere inside the car by adjusting the temperate, airflow, lighting and music.

Mercedes EQC 400 Steering Wheel

Mercedes EQC 400 Price

The Mercedes EQC starts at £70,035 on the road. The model I tested was over £75k. It sounds shockingly expensive but after you factor in dealer discounts and the cost of charging an electric car, the long-term cost of an electric vehicle is much less than a fuel equivalent. Through a company car lease, it’s going to be unbelievably cheap.

Is the Mercedes EQC 400 a good car?

In short, yes. It’s very good. The car looks like a big bubble but the experience is incredible. The soundproofing from the double-glazed windows, the silence from the battery, the grip from the 4matic system… I can’t fault it. 

The Mercedes EQC is a car that will not only appeal to environmentally conscious customers but one that will also attract those who value luxury and performance. I’m impressed by the innovation Mercedes has used in designing this car. Ultimately, though, it’s going to be consumers who decide whether or not electric models like the EQC 400 can succeed. 

So far, the Mercedes EQ range is off to a good start. If this model thrives, expect to see more luxury car makers taking on the challenge of creating an electric vehicle for the general consumer market in the future.

Do you think the Mercedes EQC 400 is worth the £70,000 price tag?

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