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Skoda Karoq SE Technology Review

The Skoda Karoq SE Technology is the best small family SUV. In this review, I will be covering the 2020 Skoda Karoq price, practicality and the drive. The Skoda Karoq estate is a bargain car in the best compact SUV category! 

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How practical is the Skoda Karoq?

The Karoq is exceptionally practical. It has the typical stylings of a modern-day small SUV with the raised ride height, roof rails and broad wheel arches. Despite this, lengthwise it’s about the same as a VW golf, so it’s the perfect size for driving and ease of parking in the city.

Whilst most small SUVs are just jacked-up hatchbacks, the Karoq does offer more space inside.

The boot of the Karoq has 479L of space compared to around 380L in a hatchback. If you climb the specifications, you will also have Varioflex seats, where the three seats in the back can be individually adjusted or detached completely. That adds boot space when required but also makes passengers more comfortable on longer journeys. The rear has plenty of legroom too. The middle seat is wide, meaning you can fit three adults in without having to squeeze.

Skoda Karoq rear seats

How is the Skoda Karoq Drive?

The model I tested is the Skoda Karoq estate 1.5 TSI 5dr DGS – let me break that jargon down for you. The 1.5 TSI is one of the turbocharged petrol engine variants offering 148 BHP. The DSG refers to the gearbox. The automatic benefits from having the dual-clutch gearbox from Volkswagen Group, meaning gear changes are smooth and more economical. Perfect for a relaxing family drive.

One advantage of the turbocharged engine is that the power is always there, even in the low rev range. If you do put the pedal to the metal, it’s surprisingly quick, getting from 0-62 in 9 seconds with the DSG auto. That fills you with confidence trying to slip into that gap at a roundabout or when joining motorways. Visibility is incredible with an elevated drive position and big wing mirrors. The suspension is outstanding. You hardly notice lumps and bumps. The Skoda Karoq is one of the best in its class. 

If you want a Skoda Karoq 4×4 you can get it with the 2-litre petrol or diesel variants. Also, the Skoda Karoq Scout is only available as 4×4.

Skoda Karoq Interior

Driver Convenience

The driver seat in the SE technology is a pleasant place to be. The cabins finish with quality materials, slick buttons, and a touch screen complete the classy Karoq interior. The logically organised dashboard makes everything easy to find. The infotainment system is fast. The large icons make it easy to use. 

Although you get cool stuff like Bluetooth calls and audio, DAB digital radio and SatNav, the SatNav isn’t the Karoqs strong point. It should use live traffic updates, yet you’re often already in a jam when it warns you to avoid it. With this in mind, I usually connect my phone to the Bluetooth and use maps from my device.

Skoda Karoq SE Technology driver assistance

What is the Skoda Karoq Price?

The Skoda Karoq price starts from £21,885 for the SE. The Skoda Karoq SE Technology isn’t much dearer at £21,930* but will give you a whole lot more value for money. Speaking of cost, the Karoq has cylinder deactivation too. That will ‘shut down’ some of the engine power when you don’t need it, saving you money on fuel. That helps achieve the 44.1 mpg and keep overall running costs low.

*at time of writing.

Final Verdict

We’ve discussed the Karoqs styling, infotainment, drive and costs. All in all, the Karoq earns its place as the best small family SUV. It blends efficiency with power, style with comfort and offers ample space – all under £25k. 

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