Volvo XC60 D4 R-Design Lux Nav

Trendy. Urban. Practical.

Volvo probably isn’t the first brand you think of but the XC60 D4 R-Design Lux Nav certainly has those bases covered. The seamless body is in with the times, sporty looking and finishes up nicely with a tapered rear end.

Combine that with the beautiful alloys, the new front grill and the redesigned headlights and you have a car that will have heads turning wherever it takes you.
It could be the perfect family SUV.

Volvo XC60 Interior

Style mixed with comfort and versatility is the aim for any modern SUV. Well, the sporty seats of the R-Design certainly hug you on those long journeys and give a great deal of support as you weave through those country roads for your family road trips. Space is plentiful inside, even for passengers in the back plus the back seats have 2 height adjustable booster seats for kids built in.

Despite the sports chassis, this car is capable of conquering many terrains. In the city the car is quiet and the automatic transmission shifts effortlessly between 8 gears making for a very smooth ride. Volvo claims a combined 60.1mpg for this geartronic model – that’s better than some small cars! You can also find out about the Volvo XC60 towing capacity here.

Put the pedal to the metal on an open road and you’ll feel the torque behind you as the car accelerates from 0-60mph in just 8.1 seconds. If you opt for the all wheel drive version, you’ll lose a few seconds of the 0-60mph and it’s not as economical but it will handle rougher terrains with ease.


Volvo XC60 R Design

Is the Volvo XC60 a safe car?

 Safety features were certainly not a last-minute idea in this car. It has a 5-star safety rating. That comes as no surprise when the car can pre-empt a collision, thanks to the city safety system, which can also assist you when manoeuvering around the obstruction. Every trim of the XC60 comes with rear parking sensors to help you reverse the big booty of this car without any bumps and you can also upgrade to get front sensors, reversing camera and/or 360-degree camera.


Volvo XC60

The infotainment set up is equally impressive. As soon as you get behind the wheel you’re drawn in by the fully customisable digital display which looks very futuristic.

Without a doubt the Volvo XC60 R-Design is trendy, fun and yet still practical.

In my opinion it is certainly putting up a fight against its rivals such as the Audi Q5 or Jaguar F-Pace, throwing good punches made of high quality materials on the interior and a load of kit all-round. I love all aspects of this car but my favourite has to be the customisable digital display. It just looks so suave and I can have the layout however I like! Everyone wants a car that is uniquely theirs.

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